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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm Back!!!

      Since my hard drive self-destructed and my backup malfunctioned, I've had to bring in a professional in order to access my website again. As he twiddled and tweaked, he sent me looking at other website and blogs to see what other authors were doing on their sites. WOW! I’ve got to say some websites - some blogs - are creative masterpieces - I’ve seen books that fly across the page (very clever) and crawling insects (never on my site)...I’ve heard some jazzy rhythms (I liked that) and realized that some authors are so busy visiting, skyping and signing, that my own “crowded” calendar is actually a bit bald by comparison. On the other end of the spectrum, I noted the trend (which I’ve been told is not all that new) towards sleeker, crisp white sites...
    in the end, those of you who have visited before will notice that my new site is pretty reminiscent of my old flying crawling insects (never any crawling insects). Basically, I’ve stuck to the same simple layout which, for whatever reason, feels like me. I did update some pictures and rearrange some links, and I’m thrilled to introduce Serafna to the world. I hope she makes as many friends as Matt did.
     In my next blog entry, I hope to talk more about Serafina - and about Haiti. Just like teachers learn from their students, authors learn from their characters, and Serafina has taught me that the tiny island nation she calls home is so much more than the sum of its tragedies.
     We are ~ each of us ~  so much more than what we are left with after the destruction, malfunctions and mistakes we have encountered or made... a good thing to remember as we embark on a new new season, a new school year ~ or a new website!

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