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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Helen Grace ~ The First Poet I Loved

To celebrate National Poetry Month I'm posting a poem written by my mom, the first poet I loved. Throughout her life, my mother marked ordinary days and special moments with words and thoughts which expressed her tender love and abiding faith.  This is the poem she wrote for me when I was born.

Ann Elizabeth

On the tenth of December,
cold and clear,
an angel bent down 
and whispered
Your child is here,
Your child is here.
So off we went,
both Daddy and I,
to claim you my darling
and breathe with a sigh.
At last she is with us,
so sweet and so dear;
we waited so long
and now she is here!

Helen Grace Marotta ~ my beautiful mother & the first poet I loved!
Happy Poetry Month! Here's hoping April showers all of us with tender thoughts and beautiful words!