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Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Quick Nod to Summer, Hope & Birthdays

I was about to post a rather long blog entry honoring my dad but most print publications won't publish material that's been printed elsewhere and I decided that I was going to send this particular piece to the New York Times. Ages ago, I sent a poem to The Times. Of course I knew that the The Times didn't publish poetry, but the enclosed poem was about my father, the consummate New Yorker, and I thought that the editors might make an exception. Not surprisingly, I was wrong.  I did, however, receive a hand-scribbled note on the bottom of my rejection ~ if The Times did print poetry, the note said, it would certainly have accepted the enclosed poem. A hand written rejection was almost as exciting as publication and it gave me courage to submit other material to the prestigious paper ~ all of which have received the more conventional, less personal rejection.  I guess hope really does spring eternal. Anyway, I'm still waiting to hear from The Times (though my expectation is that I'll be blogging the piece I wrote for my dad very shortly)...

meanwhile, my wip, as well as skype visits, school visits, birthday celebrations and beach preparations will keep this blog entry short...

Hooray for summer!
Green abounds 'n crickets sound
notes of carefree cheer!!!

Happy June ~ and Happy Birthday to my lovely sister whose birthday is today!