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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Choosing Sides

Mid-October. My wooden birdhouse is still hidden beneath a thick drape of arbor vines, but a few leaves and berries have started to yellow. In the distance a solitary crow squawks his long, lonesome lament. 

On Sunday it was cold enough for us to have our first fire, but today a warm, soggy wind is blowing. Summer and autumn seem to be battling for control. 
     Let me stay awhile longer, summer begs. 
     It's our time, the yellowing leaves gently whisper.

No matter how we feel about each changing season, whether we're summer people, fans of fall, or even snowbirds who winter in a warmer climate, nature continues to move forward at her own pace. Thankfully she allows each season their own brilliance.

The gifts of autumn are many. The copper glow of morning. Corduroy jackets. Crisp apples. The crackle of burning logs, their smoky scent warming the house and mingling with the smell of pumpkin spice and cinnamon.

I'm ready. I've packed away my ocean memories and my long summer nights. Autumn is here. I'm eager to enjoy the time we spend together!