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Friday, December 18, 2015

My December Wish

It's been a hectic month polishing the latest (and last!) pre-copyediting draft of my upcoming verse novel, and I am woefully behind in my Merry Christmas preparations...with cookies yet to bake and presents yet to wrap, the last thing I should be doing is posting a blog.

And yet, I don't want the year to close without a December post. It's been a difficult year for many of us. There are too many empty seats around our holiday tables, and following the news could easily convince us that there is little to celebrate. Hopes for peace on earth falter daily and it might seem that light from the Christmas star has faded.

So I stop in my already belated  preparations to write a short December message. Cookies and presents will wait while I take a moment to tell you about the one year boy who has learned to say Hi! —  and who, with the inexhaustible enthusiasm only a toddler can muster, said Hi! to every single shopper and every single salesperson in yesterday's crowded mall


All December messages seem to have a miracle and here's mine — not a big miracle perhaps, but in this jaded, cynical society, a miracle none-the-less.

Every single weary shopper bogged down with bags (both in their hands and beneath their eyes) stopped to greet this blessed little boy — and every single harried salesperson paused their transaction to peer over the counter, smile and gush their merriest holiday greeting.  


Which tells me, of course, that despite our so many empty chairs, something of the spirit always remains. Despite the worrisome news and our faltering hopes for peace on earth, light from the Christmas Star has not faded.

A one year old boy. A sweet smile. A simple but joyous Hi! That was all it took to bring a sparkle of joy to a tired, crowded, mall-ful of people.

In this season of miracles, no matter what holiday you celebrate, I wish you sparkle and joy!