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Friday, April 29, 2016

In Praise of Dandelions

Spring is already a month old, and our brave first blossoms still shiver in the early morning chill, but an abundance of dandelions promise that warmer days are coming.

One of my favorite springtime memories is of a certain curly top thumping at my back door. I had just finished mopping the kitchen floor when she burst in with muddy shoes and beaming face.
     Look Mommy, she said, opening her arms and spilling a bright bundle of fresh-picked sunshine all over my spotless floor. These are for you!

People may disparage dandelions but I never will. Dandelions are often a child's first flower, a gift from their heart freely given.

Despite the morning chill, Happy Spring! Happy Day! Happy Memories! And if you see a dandelion, smile!