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Saturday, December 16, 2017

On Migraines and Miracles

I wrote this brief post on Monday December 4 with the hope that I might yet have the opportunity to write a longer, more festive holiday message... my migraine is long gone, my updated draft has been sent out and most of my Christmas packages are wrapped. But there's still cookies to bake and and cards to make so I've decided to print this earlier post with my sincerest wish that anyone who stops by remembers that miracles come in all shapes and sizes. 

Whatever December means to you, may your days be merry!

(Monday, December 4)

This might not seem the topic of a holiday post, but with more than half my Christmas shopping yet to do, not a cookie baked, and a manuscript in dire need of attention, sometime midmorning I suddenly felt light as a feather...happy as an angel, merry as a schoolboy. And thanks to Dickens, that makes this an early (for me)  bona fide holiday post.

Let me explain...

Yesterday morning I awoke with a dreadful migraine that only worsened during the day. Finally in early evening I realized that dark rooms and rest alone would not alleviate my pain and agreed to go to the hospital. Those of you who get migraines will understand how debilitating  migraines can be. Yesterday, in addition to the physical symptoms there was the added anguish of knowing I wasn't going to be pulling out any decorations or baking any cookies.  I was miserable.

Once I was at the hospital and hooked up to their glorious IV, it didn't take long for my headache to dissipate ~ not entirely, but enough for me to go home to a dark room and rest. The day (and sometimes, for days) after a migraine, I usually wake drained, still a bit nauseous,  with a remembered ache still throbbing faintly in my head.  Today, started the same way yet halfway through morning, all migraine reminders simply vanished and I felt light as a (slightly overweight) feather...

After a miserable yesterday, today was spent happily writing, shopping and pulling out some initial decorations...and that to me, is a Christmas miracle!