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Tuesday, January 2, 2018


While quite a few candy canes are still dancing in my head, it feels wonderful to be again sitting at my writing table with my laptop and open notebook. The time taken away from my daily writing schedule to celebrate the holidays has left me with a palpable eagerness to return to these quite moments.  Somehow, my thoughts and my hopes are never as clear as when I am sitting here mingling with my characters or reaching out to readers through my email or this blog.

I've a number of projects in the works for in the hands of my editor, another being revised, another in the research stage, and still another slated for publication later this year. This last mentioned project is a hybrid...verse but not a novel...printed but not a book (not quite)....they'll be more to come on this project soon...

Meanwhile, here I sit, eager, expectant and grateful for the joy of family, friends, (human, furry and feathered) and the opportunity to follow my heart with clicks, scribbles and continued hope.

May the unwrapped days of 2018 glisten with kindness!!!

Happy New Year!

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